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Allison Headlee

Inside Director

Allison Headlee is the Vice President Program and Engineering Services for Sonaca-North America.  Allison has been with LMI Aerospace for twelve years, previously working as the Director of Engineering,  Program Manager and a Lead Stress Analyst.  Prior to joining LMI, Allison worked in flight sciences at Lockheed Martin Space Systems, and as a Stress Analyst at Boeing Commercial Airplanes.  Allison enjoys amercing in the technical aspects of engineering but also tackling large programs from a high level.

Allison holds a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from the University of Washington and a Master of Science in mechanical engineering also from the University of Washington.  She is currently finishing an Executive Masters in Business Administration also at the University of Washington and will graduate this June.  She has received numerous awards including the Extraordinary Engineering Award for Lockheed Martin for completing certification on a critical military program.

Allison has 3 children and lives with her husband in Kirkland, Washington.

Allison Headlee
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