Qualifications:Export Compliance
D3 Technologies is diligent to maintain full compliance with all U.S Export regulations, including use and control of the following areas to assure all export requirements are met for each project we support:
Export-Controlled Areas
EAR (Export Administration Regulations - 15 C.F.R. 730-774) Compliance
EAR, administered by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security, deals with export or re-export of commodities, software, and technology which are commercial or dual-use in nature. D3 takes action at all times to comply with the requirements of EAR regulations.
ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation - 22 C.F.R. 120 - 130) Compliance
D3 has Technical Assistance Agreements (TAA) in place with foreign firms in conjunction with our involvement in some of our current projects. Personnel handling the ITAR-related data and paperwork are trained in ITAR compliance prior to their involvement.
All D3 facilities are configured to support security on multiple levels. This ensures the ability to re-configure project areas as necessary to meet ITAR/EAR or customer proprietary data protection requirements. All areas of D3's facilities require badge access that can be restricted to allow access to authorized personnel only. All areas of D3 facilities are appropriately signed to alert personnel of ITAR/EAR restricted work zones. Non-US persons are prohibited from accessing ITAR / EAR restricted areas without appropriate escort at all times.
Compliance Training
All personnel assigned to Sensitive programs attend ITAR/EAR briefings prior to assignment. Continuing Security/ITAR briefings are conducted to ensure currency. Security requirements are posted on the company intranet and throughout our facilities to ensure they are accessible to all personnel at all times.
D3 maintains a badging protocol utilizing proximity sensors that interact with our facility locking systems via a computerized management system. Badges can be de-commissioned remotely in the event of loss in order to protect the integrity of restricted areas within each facility.
All ITAR/EAR restricted areas are physically monitored on an ongoing basis to assure adherence to all data management protocols required by projects involving ITAR / EAR restricted data.
D3's Security Management department is familiar with ITAR / EAR licensing procedures and can support the application and management process if, and as required, for projects that require similar licensing procedures. D3 Technologies holds TAAs with multiple companies.
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