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D3 Technologies has a highly motivated and proven management team with an average of approximately 25 years experience.
Richard Johnson President
William Teman  Executive Director, Engineering Operations
Dan Hill Executive Director, Navy Programs
Management Team Biographies
Richard Johnson - President
Mr. Johnson joined D3 Technologies as President in 2010. He is responsible for planning and implementing company strategies and objectives as well as directing corporate policies, initiatives, and organizational planning. Mr. Johnson comes to D3 Technologies following a 30-year career at Gulfstream Aerospace. As Vice President of Engineering and Chief Scientist at Gulfstream, he was responsible for new product development, sustaining engineering, and service engineering support of legacy products. He oversaw the technical design of numerous Gulfstream aircraft, including the GV, G250, G450, G550, G650 and several special-mission variants. Prior to Gulfstream, he was employed at Lockheed-Georgia as a structural engineering specialist. Mr. Johnson currently serves on several university advisory boards and is a member of the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee of the World Association for Cooperative Engineering (WACE). Mr. Johnson received a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Cincinnati.
William Teman - Executive Director, Engineering Operations
Mr. Teman has been with D3 Technologies since 2000 in various managerial roles. He is currently responsible for overseeing all commercial engineering operations. He began at D3 as a primary design contact for structural components for the 777-300ER at Boeing. He was then appointed Director of Business Development and was a key driver behind D3 winning the JSF contract. Mr. Teman has over 20 years of program/project engineering experience, including 10 years at Boeing. He holds a patent for the development of a six-component force transducer for aerodynamic wind tunnels. He also held a position as an Advanced Project Engineer with the 3M Company where he helped lead their first Just-In-Time Manufacturing project. Mr. Teman received both his Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of North Dakota.
Dan Hill - Executive Director, Navy Programs
Mr. Hill has been with D3 Technologies since 1994 and is responsible for all contract, financial, operational, and program execution activities at Navy Fleet locations throughout the U.S. and Pacific regions. With over 40 years of Navy aviation experience, Mr. Hill is retired from military service. In his last active duty assignment, as Aviation Maintenance Officer for the Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet, he was responsible for ensuring the productivity and maintenance readiness of all aviation units. Mr. Hill received his Bachelor of Business Management from the University of Maryland, a Master of Business Administration from Troy State University, and a Doctor of Business Administration from Columbia University.
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