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Quality Assurance Program


The D3 Team quality system reflects a firm commitment to comply with ISO 9001 procedures for continuous process improvement within the entire program. The major components of the program support project planning, process development, record keeping/audit, and financial controls, and are critical to the efficient management of products and services provided to the customer. Managing change and ensuring superior performance from team members are the goals of the D3 Team’s quality system. A key to success is the ability to address non-conformance issues with team members in a manner that is conducive to responsive problem resolution.

The D3 Team’s ISO 9001 compliance procedures provide for development of Corrective Action Plans (CAP). These plans include documented definition of the problem or improvement opportunity; a determination of who is responsible to take action at the D3 Team member or management level; investigation into the problem or improvement; a determination of the corrective or preventative action to be taken; and documentation of that action along with feedback. Paramount to identifying problems or improvements is the management of follow-up efforts. The CAP additionally provides a follow-up schedule for taking action on problems and improvements, allows for updates to a standardized status tracker, and ends with a management review of document changes to procedures that affect team product or services. D3’s team-wide implementation of standardized ISO 9001 standards provides management and technical expertise resulting in workable solutions

We believe our management approach to task management will resolve problems before they become a major problem to the Virtual SYSCOM customer and thereby mitigate the need for NAVSEA action. Should NAVSEA deem it necessary to take action regarding a problem, our approach is to maintain a flexible but clear set of options for NAVSEA to interact with our management team. Through designated points of contact, identified in our task management organization, NAVSEA has the flexibility to communicate directly at any level of our organization without going through a hierarchy of managers. Each Task Manager will be able to contact the appropriate team member if problems arise. Resolution will include internal communication within the management team to ensure the attention of the appropriate management level and to document and communicate lessons learned to be shared across the entire team as appropriate.

Our expectation is that problems will be minimized and addressed at the local level; however, should the Virtual SYSCOM customer feel that their problems are not being resolved to their satisfaction they are only call, “click”, or email away for a prompt mutually acceptable resolution.

Quality Systems POC Info:
Paul Willis, Quality Assurance Manager
Telephone: 425.789.5092